eTalk Has Used Fastento To Meet The Need For Media Coverage

eTalk Has Used Fastento To Meet The Need For Media Coverage

eTalk is an online school for learning foreign languages through video calls in a virtual classroom. Its main specialty is English courses, which include one-on-one instruction with experienced native-speaker teachers. This expands practical communication skills and broadens students' cultural horizons.

eTalk has just launched but already has students in 8 countries. At the same time, the company has not yet had media coverage. Its online presence has been limited to social networking ads and search engines.

Vyacheslav Zhiradkov, founder of the eTalk platform, understands the power of publicity in the media to gain a competitive edge. But he did not hire an expensive PR agency to develop a communications strategy and a lengthy appeal to journalists.

He resorted to Fastento's platform to have access to a database of 65,000 media outlets around the world directly, on fixed terms. Fastento allows brands to publish in media with branded content, and publishers of news sites to receive rewards.

Vyacheslav was able to tell the story of eTalk's creation and get published on Forbes Poland and Business Review. The articles caught the audience's attention on social media when the eTalk team shared the links on their profiles.

Vyacheslav used a catalogue and found an article on Forbes Poland for 345 euros. A publication on Business Review cost the client 193 euros. Together with the preparation of the articles, the total media plan was 938 euros. With a total reach of 2,800 readers, the price per reader contact was 33 cents.

Vyacheslav rates the trial campaign a success, as the Forbes article strengthens the credibility of his Linkedin profile. During an industry Edu-tech conference, he said, his profile was visited by hundreds of potential venture capital partners and investors.

Zhiradkov believes that the benefits of online PR publications are not just measured by the number and reach of articles. Articles have a long-lasting effect, promote sales, and help at the capital-raising stage by making eTalk's business clear in the eyes of investors.

The eTalk team is not stopping there and is planning its content marketing with Fastento.